Friday, July 31, 2009

Text me Later!

This may very well be the "NEW" most commonly departure word used to date... (atleast in America)

Its amazing to me how far technology has mad us the way we are in such a little time.

I graduated highschool 6 years ago now 2003 (Oh damn i just reminded myself of how old im getting) and I could remember Text Messages didn't have plans like Unlimited for just 10 bucks, or 500 for 3 bucks.

I remember when a text message cost you 30 cents a text. Or if you had a pre paid phone 1 unit/1min a text.

Back then you better had been sending a damn good text message.
None of the Hey, hi, yo, no, bye, cool bull crap that we all pretty much do now....

I remember my senior year of summer My bill was an extra 30 dollars because of text messages.

My parents flipped and cut text messaging off.

Lol i didnt mind to much I didn't mind to much I mean hell I had a Nokia 5165 (most people did) so it wasn't anything special, and I prefered to call rather than text.

Even in College I hated text messaging, I think I just recently jumped on a Unlimited text plan about 1 year ago.

Text messaging has made me so lazy and anti social id rather not even talk on my Cell unless its business.

Send me a text, i'll view and decide whether or not I want to talk to you.

Or Maybe if I want to keep up with certain people every now and then... shoot them a text.."hey whats up"

To me Text messages are quick and easy but so impersonal now..
Who calls and see's how you doing anymore?
Make time and preparations to go anywhere
hell even to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY

I do remember being lost once and instead of the person talking to me on the phone they tried to text me direction by direction...
I'm lost...and recieving your text 10 mins later than your sending them so More than likely I already missed turns and everything else.


I know people who text that text to each other and in the same room...

Now I understand if you can't verbally speak because of (class, church *shame on you*, business)
But seriously they were just both jotting down stuff on paper, but still texting eachother.


I have to admit though I have fallen victim to the craze...hell I'm even guilty of texting people long conversations.

Sometimes its just easier. its a good way to kinda draw out a conversation

expecially if you know there will be Awkward silence if you were to have a phone ocnversation..
atleast on text you can have time to think about your words or what your going to say...

But there are people who CAN NOT live without their phone.
I'm just happy I could throw this thing away and be completely happy and satisfied.

Matter of fact I have Days where for about 3-6 days I wont touch my phone, wont respond to text, calls nothing....
Just show up where I need to show up to. Thats it. not worry about nothing

I actually recommend people to do that, just keep your phone at home or in a drawer for atleast 2 days, (if your able to) You do not understand how much stress free, and how much personal mental time youw ill get from doing this...

Matter of fact keep it in your car, so if you get in trouble you can call 911 or something

but other than that...most people are going to be to lazy or not care to go all the way to their cars to get their phones.

Try it trust me it works!!!

well i'm done complaining..this all came from me hearing a lady say that to her friend yesterday..


  1. almost the same with me. i am not tied to my phone at all. and i am really bad at texting.

  2. i was so addicted to my cell it was unbelieveable and then it got disconnected and i've turned a new leaf! no cell SUCKS alot but u learn to live without it and without texting. i had a blackberry so it made it easier, but now it's like i gotta actually TALK to people! lol its interesting.

    It's almost nice NOT being able to get reached when you head out or when you're with friends... means you focus on them and not making plans or laughing about work through txting =]

  3. I think its a "as you get older" thing also, like your not looking for something to occupy time or get you out of a situation "texting" now you can just be like Im going to leave lol atleast thats what I do

  4. I hope that part about being lost wasn't about me lol