Monday, July 6, 2009

So I have an idea for 2 websites

Ha so im not even sure if I should put these ideas on here incase someone steals them....LOL not likely

but I have 2 website ideas which one, I had people say was a good idea.
and the other is kidna like a maybe it may work type thing..

1 would be an advice site (almost like yahoo answers) I will Skip the details

the other I am going to call Lunchroom which is a big social gather.

this should farewell and I'm going to work on these through this month of July and pitch a final design thought to this Webmaster Dblockn05 is his Aim, who I met and created this site and many others i believe, but most known for

Well wish me luck. this could be huge!!!

Look at Facebook it started from some Harvard guys looking to meet new girls, and now its a multi million dollar site with a huge following and IMO slightly better than Myspace...

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