Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 2 and 3 in Korea with Pictures!!!!

There is my picture gallery of Korea so far ^ above. (click the 1 pic to see them all)

This place is great thus far.
Week 2 I had a bit of a rough patch but other than that its going decently well. I still love it here, and have no plans of leaving anytime soon.

There is so much to absorb and observe there is no way I can do that all in one year.
I love all my Apartment mates.

Week 2:
I have been doing Middle school and Highschool for so long, I forgot the madness of Elementary School.
I was a little taken back and in shock because here the Kids run absolutely rampid through the hallways, In class they are fighting and yelling out. It is as if there is no class that taught school and classroom ettiquette. The kids can be controlled for maybe intervals of 2 minutes, but then its back to the same rambouchous behavior to which I had no patience for in America.
I understand these kids (who I teach) are under 10 years old, but the shushhh sign is pretty universal and should stick with a kid.
Also the fact that I have no idea what any of them are saying isn't helping me keep my composure.
My Mon-Wed school, I love the employees, but the kids I want to elbow drop.
My Thur&Fri school, I love the kids, but the principal intimidates me (not as a man but as a dumb American foreigner) by literally changing my fingers to hold chopsticks and spoons the Korean way. Also to eat int he correct food order. It border lines makes me want to get up and stone cold stun him.
I guess you really can't have the best of both worlds.
So Friday night, I decide I had the worst week in school one can possibly have. I decided to pull out he soju & diet coke. Then I proceeded to let lose, which was not a good idea. We'll keep it at that.
We also went out of my town Saturday to Busan. I had an amazing time with the people I met from orientation. I met some new people and decided to branch away from my buddies I came with to continue to party and hang out with the new people. (Damn when will I learn from these careless mistakes)
I decided at 5 a.m. in the morning (after partying) I didn't want to stay and sleep in Busan but I wanted to head home into my own bed, and beat my apartment mates home.
instead I got on the wrong bus and took a 9 hour joy ride (sarcasm) around Korea (no where in korea should take you more than 4-5 hours to get to and I was only 2 from where I lived).
I didn't get home til nearly 5 p.m. I was hungry, cranky and about to yell at or moon the next Korean to stare me down as if I was an alien.
Long story short, it was a shitty week.

Week 3
I had to make this week better, I had to be more prepared for my classes, I had to be accepting at whatever comes my way, and I needed to be smarter about my decisions.
Thats pretty much happened. Now that I'm in partial control, the Kids are better, I'm always studying and understanding alot more Korean(getting lost for 9 hours also pretty much forces the language upon you when your making frequent bus stops and have to hop off and figure out where your at so you can take the next bus home.
So it was a good School week.
The weekend was very restful, I found out my PS3 doesnt explode with the 220 volt power here. So this stay in Korea literally just got better.
I hang out with all of my Apartment mates that I live in the same building with. There all different but all great people that complete this friendship circle that we have bonded with.
I like them all as if we had been friends for years.
All in all I had a succesful Week 3.

I probably won't be updating this as if its a "My Life in Korea" Blog, but I will definitely share my highs, lows, funny, sad, whacky and spectacular experiences here.

Enjoy the little bit of pics, find me on facebook if you want to see them all.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week 1 in Korea

Let me start of by saying that this experience has been the best I have had in my entire life.
Life wasn't going at its greatest and now I feel like everything is just going completely right and I love it.

I'm in Andong in the Gyeonsang buk-do Province of Korea. "An" stands for comfortable and "dong" stands for city and thats exactly how I feel here, COMFORTABLE.
I've never been much of a city folk but here is just completely different, people are nice, your a star here and there are so many places to eat, drink, shop, just have a good time.

I am not going to be teaching, I will be in a training facility making audio tapes and doing conference calls, which is very very convient because I am with 8 other english speakers which is very very rare in the program that I'm working with.
All of them are very cool people. But our building is under construction so we don't start til mid december and until then im teaching elementary school :( but thats fine because these kids think every english speaker is a Star.
(its hard getting use to saying english speaker instead of American lol)
Everyone I met this week have been great people, i see it as everyone has a common goal and interest so you put 100+ of those people together you usually click really fast.

I have met tons of UK, South African, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand and Australian people here. Everything I thought I knew about other english speaking countries has been thrown out the window. I love majority of these people upon first meeting them.

My apartment is futurist (in my eyes but almost all apts are like this out here) I have heated floors, i have a keypad lock which is awesome.
The only thing that is weird is that the bathroom doubles as your shower. so the Shower cord is connected to the sink and you basically take a shower where you wash your hands and use the toilet.

Food is great here, the only problem I have with this place is that I eat Rice and potatoes in about every possible form and its hard to get meat or chicken here.
You all know that I work out religiously and the fact that im eating majority Carbs now is killing me, what makes up for it is that I walk EVERYWHERE usually about 2 hours a day of just walking walking walking. I also have done a total of 20 push ups in 10 days which is No bueno, good thing we're joining the gym today.
My stomach is also just getting accustomed to the food here, between all the carbs (i mean rice and noodles) and then the Spicy its hard on the valves.

All in all its a great experience that I like and cant wait to explore more. Signing off.

btw, im at day 21 of my 30 days of truth so I'll be posting those hopefully with in the next week or 2