Monday, July 6, 2009

Japan getting Closer

So most know my dream is to go to Japan
Yero and I are planning to kind of Wing it there and get jobs as teachers (or God willing whatever will pay) stay there for a year expand our skills in the language and culture. come back with some saved up money
and enjoy the experience of a lifetime

Quite possibly if I enjoy it to much I may serve a Second Term..

now that Yero has a job, and I have alot of money saved up it looks more and more possible..

I dont have a job for summer which is cool and sucks at the same time but I have enough money for my bills until i start working/subbing again...which is only 2 more months.

I hope i can get a long term position until Feb because thats Double the money which will be helpful.

But with the money I already have saved, im looking to buy my tickets in September/October just to make it somewhat permanent for me to not back out.!!!!

once again wish me luck..

and if the Website idea launches and makes me money even better!!!

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