Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So its been awhile part 3!!

Geez I really want to blog alot more, but Ive been doign alot of middle schools lately which require alot of my attention so I can't just go in there.
Also I lost my yellow journal i was writing alotof things so i had to re write in my red one (not a big deal) but I really need that yellow journal back lol some person things were in there..

so enough about that one month update....

I have quite a bit of money saved up for Japan

only thing is I need a summer job to pay off the regular bills and food bills.
I quit the verzion job
since I work the teaching job everyday
Coach kids in track (which ends friday sadly.)
Training my self for summer time possbily doing a compettiton I just didnt have the time nor the patience to deal with that bullshit.

Personal news
Haven't really been doin well with the lady scene..
my feelings for (you know who) still goes up and down, but mainly friends so im not really worried about it.

I did however Wash my car (sounds silly) and since im losing weight I think that is a big confidence builder right there.

so lately ive just been feeling like I need to get on that horse and start putting myself and energy back into the world. (We'll see how that goes)

thats pretty much been it.. since been on my diet haven been out drinking in awhile. (I try to stay away from that) so ive been watchin alot of movies.
Saw Wolverine. (horrible) from a comic geek fan.
star trek wasnt that bad though.

well like i always say im going to try to post a little more..summer is almost here so im sure i'll have nothing but time.