Friday, July 31, 2009

Text me Later!

This may very well be the "NEW" most commonly departure word used to date... (atleast in America)

Its amazing to me how far technology has mad us the way we are in such a little time.

I graduated highschool 6 years ago now 2003 (Oh damn i just reminded myself of how old im getting) and I could remember Text Messages didn't have plans like Unlimited for just 10 bucks, or 500 for 3 bucks.

I remember when a text message cost you 30 cents a text. Or if you had a pre paid phone 1 unit/1min a text.

Back then you better had been sending a damn good text message.
None of the Hey, hi, yo, no, bye, cool bull crap that we all pretty much do now....

I remember my senior year of summer My bill was an extra 30 dollars because of text messages.

My parents flipped and cut text messaging off.

Lol i didnt mind to much I didn't mind to much I mean hell I had a Nokia 5165 (most people did) so it wasn't anything special, and I prefered to call rather than text.

Even in College I hated text messaging, I think I just recently jumped on a Unlimited text plan about 1 year ago.

Text messaging has made me so lazy and anti social id rather not even talk on my Cell unless its business.

Send me a text, i'll view and decide whether or not I want to talk to you.

Or Maybe if I want to keep up with certain people every now and then... shoot them a text.."hey whats up"

To me Text messages are quick and easy but so impersonal now..
Who calls and see's how you doing anymore?
Make time and preparations to go anywhere
hell even to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY

I do remember being lost once and instead of the person talking to me on the phone they tried to text me direction by direction...
I'm lost...and recieving your text 10 mins later than your sending them so More than likely I already missed turns and everything else.


I know people who text that text to each other and in the same room...

Now I understand if you can't verbally speak because of (class, church *shame on you*, business)
But seriously they were just both jotting down stuff on paper, but still texting eachother.


I have to admit though I have fallen victim to the craze...hell I'm even guilty of texting people long conversations.

Sometimes its just easier. its a good way to kinda draw out a conversation

expecially if you know there will be Awkward silence if you were to have a phone ocnversation..
atleast on text you can have time to think about your words or what your going to say...

But there are people who CAN NOT live without their phone.
I'm just happy I could throw this thing away and be completely happy and satisfied.

Matter of fact I have Days where for about 3-6 days I wont touch my phone, wont respond to text, calls nothing....
Just show up where I need to show up to. Thats it. not worry about nothing

I actually recommend people to do that, just keep your phone at home or in a drawer for atleast 2 days, (if your able to) You do not understand how much stress free, and how much personal mental time youw ill get from doing this...

Matter of fact keep it in your car, so if you get in trouble you can call 911 or something

but other than that...most people are going to be to lazy or not care to go all the way to their cars to get their phones.

Try it trust me it works!!!

well i'm done complaining..this all came from me hearing a lady say that to her friend yesterday..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Causing a Scene at the Movie Theaters!!!!

I had a Great day yesterday.....
Had my cheat meal (chinese buffet) ALOT of sushi. Laughed and Joked with my Sis Robyn. .
Until I went to the movies..............

So let me start off by saying its already absolutely ridiculous that its 10 bucks for a movie before 7p.m.!!! and its still 8 bucks before 4p.m.

So Robyn and I are going to go watch "The Proposal" w/ Sandra bullock and Ryan Ryenolds, (which btw, i like them both as actors) And it was a great movie btw, funny whitty, sappy, all of that. (plus the mom in that movie is so hot)

So I have this Free Emovie cash ticket, that I got from buying a game from Gamestop, which said AMC 15 Potomacs mills is one of the spots that the movie ticket is accepted.
Fine right, so I go into the line, and the little girl working at the thing is saying that its not going thru, but she has seen them before. so she was going to get her manager to handle it.

So I go inside, wait for the manager to come up...he's a spanish guy probably mid 20's tats on his arm, seems like he would be cool to chill wit on the outside you know, just another homie.

So he is playing around with it, for about 5 mins, not really doing anything but making those faces and sounds as if he is really trying to plug away the problem...

So after all his fake shanitgans he says, well 3 months ago AMC stopped taking these. So calmly i say well keep plugging away because I just signed up for the ticket 3 weeks ago, and AMC was on there.

So he plays around for another 5 mins as if he is really doing something and then says again, you know what sir this isn't going to work im sorry.

(Now you guys know being on this diet i'm on my temper is now my anger is rising, were already 10 mins late for the movie, which is fine, all im missing are previews)

So now I start calling him on his Bullshit, I was like for 1. If you guys stopped taking these 3 months ago, why are you even fucking around with me acting like your doing something.
Once again he's like sorry sir there is nothing I can do.

Then I say well why the lil girl at the window say she just did this a couple of weeks ago....then he's like well there are different ones now they may of had those.

(now my anger has doubled)
So now im like this "look the movie has started, just Compensate me or something give me a free ticket anyway you can take this one I have go to your District Manager, Main manager or whoever and get your credit for this store.
I tell him, i'm not stupid, I know how retail works, do what you have to do and get me in this Movie.
Once again he says. "i'm sorry sir I can not do that"

(Now i'm flat out irratated)
So there is a number on the paper that says "If there is a problem at the register call this number 1-800-xxx-xxxx" so I say well call this number and find out how to ring it up.
He says its not my account number on there its yours, so you have to call that number
(They wanted the Ignorant black man to come out of they got it)
So I say "what the fuck man, you want me to call this number so they can tell me, how to explain to you, to do your job and ring this shit out......I might as well jump behind the counter and start collecting money and handing out tickets to"

Once again I get the "Sorry sir, i can't help you, your going to have to call yourself."

(now I've just about lost it)

You know what they say, the way to piss someone off, is to act calm and cool....To bad that is what was used against me because it sure as hell worked...
Workers are crowding around me (which I hate for people to stand beside and behind me if I dont know you)
I'm about 1 min away from start just causing a riot knocking down ticket polls and ripping down movie posters.

So Right before things get ugly a random guy steps in and says whats the problem.
Cooling myself down i'm like he is saying i cant use my free pass

so he digs in his wallet and says here Merry Christmas. Hands me a free movie ticket..
I say "I can't accept this sir" I mean its the princple of the whole thing.
He says naw just take it enjoy the movie. (which in all actuality he was mad that he was waiting as long as I was bitching which turned into 20 mins)
So My tone changes I take his ticket to watch the movie. (which was good )and go away, but not before I stare down the manager with the "He just saved you from an ass whoopin" stare down.

So now we may as well add
POTOMAC MILLS AMC 15 to the Anthony has banned/boycotted list.
along with
Star Bucks
Bowling alley (which has a story of me showing my ignorant side as well)

So I guess I'll do the sensible thing, and contact the AMC company tell them about this incident and get free tickets anyway.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Jennifer Aniston is hot, but she's no Angelina Jolie!!!!

So I've been watching these VH1 specials, (or E! channel I can never remember which is which) It was about Divorce and what the women get in settlements, (when there is no Pre-nup).

some of these settlements are unbelievable, From a B listers 10 million to Michael Jordans 168 Million to his ex wife to Paul Mcartney's 250 million to his ex wife.

Don't get me wrong these women put up with alot.........but come on, Jordons wife didn't teach him that jumper, and she damn sure never through him an alley oop in a game 6 NBA finals game?

what the hell do these women do to warrant getting so much money?

Now if I'm worth 100 Million after starting up a Company....even if I find a wife During the whole process of starting up my company..she did nothing to get any of my money if we were to divorce.

If she gets 40 million of my 100 million I want Sex and extra curricular activities ONCE A WEEK.

Now if I was leaving her for another girl.........
Hence Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie.........
It would possibly be a different story...

I still wouldnt want to give up that type of money and would still expect sex every week, but Jolie would be worth it.

All in all If i have 100 million or 100 bucks, i still dont think i would do a pre nup, just wont get married.
The older I get, the more I dont wanna get married
Watching that today made me not want to get married at all...

I do believe in Love. so Damn thats a Dilemna

Another Diet soon

So as some of my post has indicated im already on a carb cycling diet.
Lost 20+ pounds ina bout 11 weeks.

in 2 more weeks (around the 1st week of august) im going no carb

lol if people think im short tempered and forgetful now lol just look out!!!

I dont even know why im blogging this, i guess because im excited and worried at the same time.

I may get down to about 160 150 lol so yes i will be insanely skinner but i will lose the body fat, so i can bring it back up to the solid 185 that I want.

well get ready for ALOT of blogging inbetween, Because im sure I will be angry, pissed off, and have something to say about EVERYTHING

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Conceited, Confident, Convinced, & Cocky

The 4 C's, to which I am not any.
If anything I'm the 4 I's, Insecure, Inferior, Incompetent, Impatient (that didn't make sense but it sounded whitty at the time.)

Although I must admit, with being 10 weeks into my diet (on week 11 starting yesterday 7/14/09)
Losing 21-25lbs, I started at about 204-200 and now down to 179-180 (can't seem to get below this and started out losing 10 in first 4 weeks).

Yes I am a tad bit Confident now.... The Abs are starting to come out (still about another 8 weeks before they will be good or even worth walking around with no shirt) I'm alot more cut up.

Hell I deserve to be a little Convinced, I came from being 5'6 240+lbs to 5'9 (5 years later) 179
and at one point I was at 165.

Call it Cocky but I am happy with my results, even though I'm not quite where I need to be. I feel like I can give advice about losing weight, I mean i have lost close to 80lbs in my life time.

But with knowing how much work I still have, im certainly not Conceited by any means...
Far from it...
When I do get that 6 pack..............
I will walk around EVERYWHERE with no shirt on, daring people to tell me to put it on!!!

Chris Brown Didn't do it, if he did...I dont Approve, but I Understand

Sorry had to make this quick Post, because I'm listening to his Song "Forever" Maybe his only ballet I actually like him singing.

So I say this because I just recently heard about a situation (well like 3 in the past 2 months) of a guy puttin his hands on a female....

Unacceptable............but, Girls aren't innocent

Girls are like Gnats....(not generalizing... just some of yall and yall know damn well who you are can vouch)
They buzz Buzz Buzz in your ear, but won't really do anything but annoy the hell outta you until u wanna just swat at it.

All 3 situations that I've heard about and even Chris Brown, it seems the girl did just that. and more.
The girl would put hands on the dudes....
Damnit why would you do that....if you dont wanan be treated like another dude then dont do Dude shit.. period.....

I have a rule I will not hit a girl or so much as push her.................unless....................................She straights jabs me in the face...
Then you will get the Ignorance shooken out of you.
I wont hit you, but I will restrain you....Possibly Rodney King Style, but you will be restrained!

So Chris Brown (and others) SHAME ON YOU........................................But I Understand!

Losing Base with Society

DISCLAIMER: No One take this to heart, just how things are going period.

So I have now completed week Week 10 of my Diet, I'm down 21 lbs of fat, kept my muscle, looking more decent, blah blah blah..

With that said I haven't been out drinking in that 10 weeks....Maybe went to drink twice since, and couldn't bring myself to drink more than half a beer bottle both times(literally) so I had water instead.
Haven't been out period. I do 4 things in my 24 hour day!
1. Wake up
2. Eat
3. Work out
4. Sleep
4.5. play games sometimes.

The most important thing is I Haven't really kept up with my friends..
The sad part is (sorry to say) I'm fine with that.
Don't get me wrong I love all my friends, but I think subconsciously I'm pushing them all away.
I know what my goal is for Janurary (5 months away) which is to go overseas for a year, possbily more.
So I don't want to make this harder on myself to leave than what it already is. I mean there is still a select few of people I talk to and actually care about talking to (I wont name names, lol because if someone isn't one of those people and they think they are then I will let them keep thinking that) (asshole of me? lol yup but o well)

I already feel Horrible for leaving my pops I mean he is old, for damn sure not getting younger, I know he'll miss me, I mean hell he talks to my oldest brother EVERYDAY, I know once im gone (i'm the youngest) he will be lonely cuz my mom will only get on his nerves lol I take her stress away from him.
so Leaving my friends will be hard also because I always felt my friends are my true family (all my real siblings are older and weren't around much with me).
So With that said I'm sorry to you guys ive been pushing away but to be honest, your going to have to deal, I dont wanna cut connections, but I dont want any one begging me to stay, or feeling sad, (ha its not like were doing anything together worth wild here anyway).

As far as trying to find a Summer Fling female, I dont want to do this either...
my personality type is R&B so that means I fall for chicks quick.
The last thing I need is finding a potential love of my life, but then leaving out for Japan, and that being a waste.

Plus a Girl in my life has always held me back from going. (I don't get into relationships unless I feel like I can marry her) So it was hard for me to even think about going somewhere when I had them in my life.

So I won't let that happen again.

So with all this Naturally I've just been staying away and losing base with Society

its why I do my 4 1/2 things everyday.

Kinda like if you knew the Middle School Bully was after you, so you peak around corners, and skip classes to avoid them.

Thats basically what I'm doing....

Once again I wanna say sorry, but at the same time I'm not, Im doing this for a reason and it may be F'd up to some people who really need me, or genuinely like me, but hey if you cared that much you would make more effort.

I def have a Top 5 of friends that I talk to, If you wanted in that bad, u would push your way in there.
Until that effort is made then don't bother poutin

(lol listen to me soundin like I'm somebody)

Thats it for this

This is the reason why i haven't talked to 95% of my friends

Friday, July 10, 2009

I'll Stop Procrastinating Tommorrow!!!!

The Irony of this blog is, i've been wanting to make it all week, and just never did it never did it..........Well the purpose of this Blog is because I've just been sitting, like I have so much I need/want to do, but some how find a way not to do let me list out what I need to do here, and I'll edit as things get complete and more things get piled on, just to really document my laziness.
1. Apply for Stafford, city of fred, culpepper, orange schools and mail off everything for Prince william for the Sub jobs.
2. Work on my two Websites! I have confidence these will be success!!!
3. Apply for an overseas job for Jan/Feb (pref Japan) sitting waaaay to much on this.
4. Find and read an Actual book, not comics. (don't judge me)
5. Find a part time job for weekends. I've been to spoiled, but also losing my mind!!!!****Side note**** i'm the worst Procrastinator because Im sitting here (ok laying here) stopping watching tv, flipping channels, web Surfing.. not paying much attention to the blog. LOL oooo the Irony!OK well stay Tuned!

Music to listen to ...
Bun B

Edit: 7/13/09
Still haven't done any of this, geezus im the worst..
although I do have more blog ideas that i keep forgetting, then I remember...but then i forget again...

ok going to work on something on my list damnit..RIGHT NOW!!!

more blogging too so much stuff going on.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Japan getting Closer

So most know my dream is to go to Japan
Yero and I are planning to kind of Wing it there and get jobs as teachers (or God willing whatever will pay) stay there for a year expand our skills in the language and culture. come back with some saved up money
and enjoy the experience of a lifetime

Quite possibly if I enjoy it to much I may serve a Second Term..

now that Yero has a job, and I have alot of money saved up it looks more and more possible..

I dont have a job for summer which is cool and sucks at the same time but I have enough money for my bills until i start working/subbing again...which is only 2 more months.

I hope i can get a long term position until Feb because thats Double the money which will be helpful.

But with the money I already have saved, im looking to buy my tickets in September/October just to make it somewhat permanent for me to not back out.!!!!

once again wish me luck..

and if the Website idea launches and makes me money even better!!!

So I have an idea for 2 websites

Ha so im not even sure if I should put these ideas on here incase someone steals them....LOL not likely

but I have 2 website ideas which one, I had people say was a good idea.
and the other is kidna like a maybe it may work type thing..

1 would be an advice site (almost like yahoo answers) I will Skip the details

the other I am going to call Lunchroom which is a big social gather.

this should farewell and I'm going to work on these through this month of July and pitch a final design thought to this Webmaster Dblockn05 is his Aim, who I met and created this site and many others i believe, but most known for

Well wish me luck. this could be huge!!!

Look at Facebook it started from some Harvard guys looking to meet new girls, and now its a multi million dollar site with a huge following and IMO slightly better than Myspace...