Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm in Korea!!!

So I didn't die on my dreaded 14 1/2 hour flight
I'm in Seoul Korea at my teaching orientation meeting some cool Americans, South Africans, New Zealand(ers), and just multiple nice Korean people.

Its a shame I won't be here the whole time, there are more English speaking people then I imagined, still a pain in the ass to get around, but its fun.

Every Where you go every car has GPS/DVD/Navi and the speed limit is like 100mph out here. It blinks when your going to slow for traffic....Simply amazing.

Right now im in a Dorm room so its really close nip in here and the wireless internet sort of sucks So my laptop is dieing as I type because i don't quite trust the converters yet. (although there is an American plug in my room.....Weird)

Well I'm going to sign off for now but I may keep editing this post,

My 30 days of Truth is coming soon as well so be on the look out

Friday, October 1, 2010

NEW PAGE LAYOUT!~ Oct 1st Update!

Welcome to the new Digs!
I know im super late on re-designing the blog, but hey better late than never.

Quick Update. I could possibly be leaving for Korea in 3 weeks!
(if you haven't known I got a job offer to teach in Korea, I would link the blog but can't (well don't feel like) find it.

Maybe there is a reason why all the female situations in the past 4 months haven't worked out...

My birthday is Oct 26, If i leave though I'll be gone the 22nd.

just wanted to promote the new blog Lay out so I wont get into to much

The 30 Days of Truth are on there way. I'm halfway through it on my journal
There is an about me now "What's it all about" (which could randomly change)
The Classics, Old blogs that I feel should still be viewed and commented on!

There may be more but who knows im usually lazy with that stuff and what I already did was alot of work.

Welcome new followers, please dont mind the random babble.