What does it all mean?

Welcome to Random Collections of Confused Misinterpretations.
My name is Anthony, and I'm no writer, I know my grammar is off, my sentence structure is horrible, and I just plain don't make sense at times. That"s exactly why this is called Random Collections of Confused Misinterpretations!
I started this honestly because I had a lot of pinned up aggression and since I'm sort of a lone wolf when it comes to getting out my feelings and thoughts, why not post it on the internet where complete strangers can evaluate some of this madness with completely no bias.

As far as my life goes I haven't quite lived up to the expectations I put on myself, Things are finally shaping up now, I'm not a complainer though. I just sort of live life... Wherever the wind blows.

I hate being set to just one stereotype, I probably love just about everything life can offer. Music, movies, TV, anything.
I always felt like people who are set into their stereotypes are stupid because they miss out on so much life trying to conform into what society sets them into.

My love life is in shambles, I meet girls and get put into that friendzone way to fast, I have a nice personality (i'm one of those nice guys who finish last) My biggest flaw is that I care to much. O well, even if nice guys finish last, atleast we finish right?

Oh the Blog......well once again its completely random, sometimes I think of stuff and just have to jot it down. My mind goes a million miles a minute (which Is why I think my memory is fading).

I hope you enjoy and anyone can always reach me by Email if you just want to chat up random things.