Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Conceited, Confident, Convinced, & Cocky

The 4 C's, to which I am not any.
If anything I'm the 4 I's, Insecure, Inferior, Incompetent, Impatient (that didn't make sense but it sounded whitty at the time.)

Although I must admit, with being 10 weeks into my diet (on week 11 starting yesterday 7/14/09)
Losing 21-25lbs, I started at about 204-200 and now down to 179-180 (can't seem to get below this and started out losing 10 in first 4 weeks).

Yes I am a tad bit Confident now.... The Abs are starting to come out (still about another 8 weeks before they will be good or even worth walking around with no shirt) I'm alot more cut up.

Hell I deserve to be a little Convinced, I came from being 5'6 240+lbs to 5'9 (5 years later) 179
and at one point I was at 165.

Call it Cocky but I am happy with my results, even though I'm not quite where I need to be. I feel like I can give advice about losing weight, I mean i have lost close to 80lbs in my life time.

But with knowing how much work I still have, im certainly not Conceited by any means...
Far from it...
When I do get that 6 pack..............
I will walk around EVERYWHERE with no shirt on, daring people to tell me to put it on!!!

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