Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Causing a Scene at the Movie Theaters!!!!

I had a Great day yesterday.....
Had my cheat meal (chinese buffet) ALOT of sushi. Laughed and Joked with my Sis Robyn. .
Until I went to the movies..............

So let me start off by saying its already absolutely ridiculous that its 10 bucks for a movie before 7p.m.!!! and its still 8 bucks before 4p.m.

So Robyn and I are going to go watch "The Proposal" w/ Sandra bullock and Ryan Ryenolds, (which btw, i like them both as actors) And it was a great movie btw, funny whitty, sappy, all of that. (plus the mom in that movie is so hot)

So I have this Free Emovie cash ticket, that I got from buying a game from Gamestop, which said AMC 15 Potomacs mills is one of the spots that the movie ticket is accepted.
Fine right, so I go into the line, and the little girl working at the thing is saying that its not going thru, but she has seen them before. so she was going to get her manager to handle it.

So I go inside, wait for the manager to come up...he's a spanish guy probably mid 20's tats on his arm, seems like he would be cool to chill wit on the outside you know, just another homie.

So he is playing around with it, for about 5 mins, not really doing anything but making those faces and sounds as if he is really trying to plug away the problem...

So after all his fake shanitgans he says, well 3 months ago AMC stopped taking these. So calmly i say well keep plugging away because I just signed up for the ticket 3 weeks ago, and AMC was on there.

So he plays around for another 5 mins as if he is really doing something and then says again, you know what sir this isn't going to work im sorry.

(Now you guys know being on this diet i'm on my temper is now my anger is rising, were already 10 mins late for the movie, which is fine, all im missing are previews)

So now I start calling him on his Bullshit, I was like for 1. If you guys stopped taking these 3 months ago, why are you even fucking around with me acting like your doing something.
Once again he's like sorry sir there is nothing I can do.

Then I say well why the lil girl at the window say she just did this a couple of weeks ago....then he's like well there are different ones now they may of had those.

(now my anger has doubled)
So now im like this "look the movie has started, just Compensate me or something give me a free ticket anyway you can take this one I have go to your District Manager, Main manager or whoever and get your credit for this store.
I tell him, i'm not stupid, I know how retail works, do what you have to do and get me in this Movie.
Once again he says. "i'm sorry sir I can not do that"

(Now i'm flat out irratated)
So there is a number on the paper that says "If there is a problem at the register call this number 1-800-xxx-xxxx" so I say well call this number and find out how to ring it up.
He says its not my account number on there its yours, so you have to call that number
(They wanted the Ignorant black man to come out of they got it)
So I say "what the fuck man, you want me to call this number so they can tell me, how to explain to you, to do your job and ring this shit out......I might as well jump behind the counter and start collecting money and handing out tickets to"

Once again I get the "Sorry sir, i can't help you, your going to have to call yourself."

(now I've just about lost it)

You know what they say, the way to piss someone off, is to act calm and cool....To bad that is what was used against me because it sure as hell worked...
Workers are crowding around me (which I hate for people to stand beside and behind me if I dont know you)
I'm about 1 min away from start just causing a riot knocking down ticket polls and ripping down movie posters.

So Right before things get ugly a random guy steps in and says whats the problem.
Cooling myself down i'm like he is saying i cant use my free pass

so he digs in his wallet and says here Merry Christmas. Hands me a free movie ticket..
I say "I can't accept this sir" I mean its the princple of the whole thing.
He says naw just take it enjoy the movie. (which in all actuality he was mad that he was waiting as long as I was bitching which turned into 20 mins)
So My tone changes I take his ticket to watch the movie. (which was good )and go away, but not before I stare down the manager with the "He just saved you from an ass whoopin" stare down.

So now we may as well add
POTOMAC MILLS AMC 15 to the Anthony has banned/boycotted list.
along with
Star Bucks
Bowling alley (which has a story of me showing my ignorant side as well)

So I guess I'll do the sensible thing, and contact the AMC company tell them about this incident and get free tickets anyway.

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