Friday, July 10, 2009

I'll Stop Procrastinating Tommorrow!!!!

The Irony of this blog is, i've been wanting to make it all week, and just never did it never did it..........Well the purpose of this Blog is because I've just been sitting, like I have so much I need/want to do, but some how find a way not to do let me list out what I need to do here, and I'll edit as things get complete and more things get piled on, just to really document my laziness.
1. Apply for Stafford, city of fred, culpepper, orange schools and mail off everything for Prince william for the Sub jobs.
2. Work on my two Websites! I have confidence these will be success!!!
3. Apply for an overseas job for Jan/Feb (pref Japan) sitting waaaay to much on this.
4. Find and read an Actual book, not comics. (don't judge me)
5. Find a part time job for weekends. I've been to spoiled, but also losing my mind!!!!****Side note**** i'm the worst Procrastinator because Im sitting here (ok laying here) stopping watching tv, flipping channels, web Surfing.. not paying much attention to the blog. LOL oooo the Irony!OK well stay Tuned!

Music to listen to ...
Bun B

Edit: 7/13/09
Still haven't done any of this, geezus im the worst..
although I do have more blog ideas that i keep forgetting, then I remember...but then i forget again...

ok going to work on something on my list damnit..RIGHT NOW!!!

more blogging too so much stuff going on.

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