Tuesday, September 1, 2009

National be a gentlement month (Ended)


National gentlement month has ended. It went well, I'm going to continue to be one. (I always have been)
just this month I went waaaAAY OUT OF my way to be one to people who were usually rude and what not.

This experience taught me that the saying "Kill them with kindness" works well. I mean people can only be but so snotty with you if your just completely nice and respectful to them.
Well this month will be
National turn Curse words into funny sayings month like "What the french toast" "Shut the front door!"

End Edit: 9-1-09

So I decided that for the entire month of August I will be a complete and utter gentlemen to any and everyone!
Kill them with kindness

There is no particular reason I am doing this, I just feel like it.

Don't get me wrong I usually am a Gentlemen but on my diet, i have a quick attitude. so I wanna be able to control my emotions.

Also alot of people where I live don't deserve to get doors opened, and/or me being completely polite to them.

Others do...
We'll see how this goes!!!! I will be updating every week

Edit: 8/14/09
So its been going well, I haven't had to yell at anyone or be rude!
Ive been holding doors open, being polite, its been working well.

I have had indcient bad angry thoughts still, but hey thas part of this diet im on.

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