Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't Sue Me

DISCLAIMER: This is not an Admission of Guilt. Just a small Rant

When you download music your stealing.
When you watch bootleg movies your stealing
Or are you?
What's really the difference between downloading music or listening to those same songs on the radio, or the t.v., hell even streaming music online (ie: youtube, imeem).
Shouldn't the real legality of it be if you are selling and/or distributing that music??

Matter of fact the actual law is as follows:
The U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act is much more strict and deems copying of copyrighted music (with the exception of making a copy for your own use) as illegal. The U.S. Code protects copyright owners from the unauthorized reproduction, adaptation or distribution of sound recordings, as well as certain digital performances to the public. In more general terms, it is considered legal for you to purchase a music CD and record (rip) it to MP3 files for your own use. Uploading these files via peer-to-peer networks would constitute a breach of the law.

The real evil are things like Itunes, Rhaphosody, Microsoft.
99 Cents a song, just to put it on my Ipod for my enjoyment only?
Damn Steve Jobs (owner of Apple) was it not enough that I paid 100+ for each Ipod I ever owned (about 4), and those were all with a discount. Thats also including the 4 Sansa (I personally recommend this brand) That i purchases all over $50 (except the one I got on black friday that was $25) Also including the 1 Zune i brought that was $100 bucks with a disocunt. Thats about 700 bucks I spent on a Mp3 player (in about 5 years since they were fairly new to me when I began college).
So I say how dare these companies also charge for downloading the songs.
Don't even get me started on the 12 dollars it cost to go to the movies. Although I dont think thats nearly as bad even though they should let you bring your own food in there at the very least.

My biggest thing is, I'm against making the rich even richer. Its bad enough they get alot of benefits (See blog) such as free food, clothes, club events, admission in to places, shoes...anything you can think of. On top of getting paid to do something they "love" only at the cost of a little Privacy every once in awhile. (OK let me stop& save that for another ranting blog)
Now I am aware that actors Muscians don't necessairly get paid from what we purchase directly. I realize it goes to the people around who help.

I mean Actors and Actress will forever get paid alot of money for the simple fact goign to the Movies is a world wide event.
I personally refuse to buy DVD only because I don't usually watch movies more than once. (although there are 4 exceptions: Half -Baked, Next Friday, The Big Hit, & The New Guy. I own 3 of those, I can watch those movies once a month if need be).

To get back on track music should be free. Its bad enough these musicians get paid thousands if not millions to do what alot of people do everyday (same goes for professional athletes.) While everyone else makes 1/8th of what they do and still give money to them.
Hey we are all entertained but I can go listen to a street performer sing (or watch a college football game) and be just as entertained.
Also would it be bad to download music if the CD has been out already for a year or more? Its not making any money selling ins tores. Hell there may still be a 100 copies just sitting in a store as we speak. So whats the difference? thats 1000 bucks the record lable won't see any way. I can just continue not to buy that CD and not give to the record companies anyway. But no one think s of that. So why would it be bad to DL a Cd from 2001 or 1996 (when music was good?)

heres no way that measly 5 bucks maybe 1 dollar because it may be on clearance. is goig to effect the music industry.

Like I said This is not an admission of guilt, but most Music stars make their money through apperances and concerts anyway. I work hard 40+ hours a week, why should I make someone who is doing something (I do everyday) they love super rich because of it?


  1. WOOOOOOOOWWW! Reality is no one will care about what we think. They are going to do it regardless. I actually feel the same way. I dont understand why we have to go through this mission just to download songs. Apple is a straight asshole though. every song you want you have to buy on itunes, its ridiculous. But whatever, great read

  2. I mean there are ways to get your other songs on Itunes, but you wont have that pretty cover art.