Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Women don't want patience they want now

"You can only judge a man by his Patience, not his intentions!"

A quote told to me by one of my wise friends Terrance.

Which couldn't be any closer to the truth.
Now we both may have different views/interpertations on this, but this is how I see it.

Women, are probably the most impatient species on the planet. I say that with the up most respect.

They claim they want [insert desire] now, but they want it to be just right.
In my experiences with women, they are just so back and forth with so many things its amazing.

How can you Want something now, but not have the patience for it to be just right?

Would you take a pizza out the oven before the cheese melted?
Would you take cookies out the oven before they rised? (probably would considering most eat cookie dough...**lol sorry had to add that**)

So how can you expect to find the man of your dreams if your not patient with him?

This is where the quote "You can only judge a man by his Patience, not his intentions." comes into play.

:My interpertation:
It takes Men along time to mature, and IMO (coming from a man so Listen up). "All men are immature", but the older or more "mature" we get, the less of this maturity we show to the world/public.
A 35 year old man will still pick up a Superman comic and still be somewhat amazed.
Alot of men (if not all) still play video games, still google at girls, still get excited over little things. Which most women would Cringe at....IF.... They knew we did this.
Thats how females rate male maturity, by those little things. Now its up to men to know when, to show this and when not to show this to Women.

Thats where the patience game begins.

Ladies you may possibly have the potential "man of your dreams" on your hands, but you can't/won't get over single flaws, or attributes about a guy, because he happens to show this bout of immaturity that he has.

Its the expression "boys will be boys", please remember that.

Men aren't born ::Warning sexist statement:: with the double standards, So were not born raised to look forward to weddings, or growing up and doing this and that.

Yes we are raised to Provide and protect our family, but we are also raised with the mindset because we do this we should be able to do what we want.

What I'm saying is Let guys slide if they show some of this immaturity, Just because he does do these things, doesn't mean he won't treat you like a queen.

Show some patience, and you will be ok!

STOP wanting the here and now...
Once again, you will be set for disappointment in your lives if you keep wanting stuff now without waiting.

It takes time for fruit to get ripe, flowers to bloom, grass to grow, full moons to happen.

Show patience, and I am directing this to alot of my friends, because we talk and I hear how you want things, but waiting can take days, months, years, but I am one who truly believes, that there is someone for everyone, and if you miss that 1st person there is another one that can come along for you.

Alot of bad relationships now, are because women wanted the now instead of waiting showing patience.
Thats how Kids happen (and you hate the father), Marriages happen (and you get a divorce), Happiness happens, (but then your heart crumbles)

Well that is my public service announcement!


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