Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Penny Pinchin

Some Call me Cheap,
Some call me the Black Jew (which I still haven't quite gotten yet)
I call myself a smart consumer. Its not that I don't have the money (it is tight at the moment), but why spend more than I need to?

If I spend $2 on 18 Pack of eggs, but I see an 18 pack for 1.50 at another store, you darn right I'm going to return the $2 dollar pack. Things like that (which I buy almost every 3 days) I end up saving money... Even if its just 50 cents because after 3 or so buys of savings I can buy a another pack so 4 packs for 6 bucks, compared to the 4 packs for 2 bucks that would cost me 8 bucks.
thats 4 bucks a month saving and 60 bucks a year.
YES I'm that smart of a Consumer that I planned that far ahead.

Another aspect to the cheapness (smart consuming) is if I buy an item and lets say it goes down in price 3 weeks later....
Darn right I'ma get the price adjustment.
Nothing makes me more mad then when I buy something for $300, but then it goes down to $225. Thats $75 bucks that could be use for Car insurance bill, or my best buy bill, or something anything...
I don't care that I brought and used it for almost a month, damnit I wanna pay what it is now.Companies knew damn well that price was going down thats why I usually ask for discounts anyway.

This Country was based on trading and barganing, and make the people happy.

Well damnit make me happy Sellers

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