Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2009 PET PEEVE LIST!!! Updated!

Welcome Ladies and Gentlement to Anthony's 2009 Pet Peeve list!!!!
We are sponsored here this year by well. ME!

This is a Collection of things that just really have peeved me off since I was able to be peeved off.
and I'm happy to bring it here to everyone This year...
this list is subject to change due to me being in crappy moods, annoyed, irratated, peeved off, and anti-social...!!
check for constant updates!!!

This is in no order...although some outweigh others.

Probably my #1 would be this.
People who have to clarify or check on something from another person, that you just informed them or told them off..
Ex: if I say...Hey Susie, I95 (highway) is backed up i just came from there.
Susie then goes to someone else and ask them...Hey is I95 (highway) backed up...
Why the hell would you go re-ask someone that when I just told you, and when I just came from there.
What is your reasoning for that?

#2 would have to be..
People who blame me without knowing full facts, but im just the first person they point the finger to..
If you want me to literally snap on you, then please put the blame on me. for anything.
atleast have hard evidence, photos, fingerprints, hell footprints proving im guilty of whatever crime you blame me for.

#3 for sure
They are nothing more than lazy emo teenager kids...You pay for them to eat, sleep, and shit in a box. They roam the streets whenever they please, and there very territorial.
my teacher taught us a long time ago, Cats are stil Primal, the only time they come to you is to get food.
they don't care about your problems, they dont feel your mood, there are no Cool Cats...
There all like the revolutionary war soliders who use to use people's houses to sleep and take advantage of them.

- People who wait for you to leave your parking space so they can take it.
nothing irratates me more than getting in my car...and seeing through my mirrors someone is just waiting there.
(im not the type of person to just get in my car and drive off.) My music needs to be just right. Seatbelt check, Mirrors check, any other extra curricular activity that you can do in your car.
Will it really kill people to walk that extra 15 secs from a further parking spot?

-People who are sitting at a light and about to turn right...but hesitate.........then they go...Which ends up making you brake, because they can came out right in front of you.
Now im not a defensive driver, but if you want me to rear end you on purpose...That is the way you do it.

- To Coincide with the last pet peeve, the people who get in front of you, then drive slow..
Why the hell did you come out on me like your in a rush, then drive like your peddling with your feet?

- People who are yelling in their Cell phone for everyone else to hear... I don't care about your conversation, I am also not impressed with your bluetooth headset....if you have to talk that loud or you can barely hear, than it may be time for a new phone and headset don't you think?

- When your on the phone with someone and talking, but you hear them start texting while your in mid sentence (Robyn you do this) geezus can it wait? Can you atleast be like hey hold on i gotta reply.

- People who Honk their Horn................Really that will get you no where with me, matter of fact I may just sit at the light, so you can remain sitting then when it turns red i'll speed off and make the light and you don't!

- When I sneeze or anyone else say bless you or gazuntai

-Burping out loud...(belching).........Really were you not taught better?

- Crying kids in small stores....Come on people I got spanked....do it at home and teach them right then they wont act out in stores with the (I want I want I want)

-White boys and girls with Cornrolls...It doesn't work. Just stop

-Black boys and girls with Mohawks...I understand were in a rock revolution but seriously. its not cool.

- People who Stare....I like to look at everything possible all the time...When your staring its rude, and creepy...but "If you see something you like......Speak up"

- When people ask the same questions in less than a 30 min period... Were you not listening..or are you just hard headed?

- Women with to much make up...Hey i must just went to the Circus because you all look like clowns.

- People who are crossing the street, and act like they don't even care that your waiting for them.

- People who are crossing the street, and put on the fake run/jog....lol u were walking at the same pace. just walk and acknowledge me for letting you cross

- Anyone who thinks their above society...ESPECIALLY if your 1. not on tv! 2. even remotely rich.
I mean come on asshole ur walking in Walmart just like the rest of the us.

- Kids these days who say "My bad" ....My bad is not an apology, it doesn't take that much effort to say "I'm sorry"

- Kids these days in general...lol i think thats more of a jealousy thing...They live so much more carefree these days

- People who are afraid to eat new foods, because of the name, of it or which animal it is...i bet if younever told someone kalamari was squid they would love it.

-Women Drivers on their cell phones...I hate to be Sexist about this (ok no i dont because I firmly believe in this) but i swear you gals don't pay attention to NOTHING ELSE but the cell phone...like Got damn, I hope someone is in the hospital and thats why you drive so recklessly...

I'm going to end this for now....
but like i said please check this about every week, because im sure it will build
These are the only ones I can think of as of 7/28/09~~~

9-1-09 Update

-People who you tell them something 1 day, and they straight deny it being a good idea or don't acknowledge you for YOUR ideas, but then turn around the next day act like you never said it, then take credit for that idea

-When you are around somewhere, and your noticablly tired or irratated, but yet people come around and still try to push your buttons or just nag you.

-People who are just to simple minded for their own good. someone tells you something, don't just stand there and be like "which way did he go george which way did he go"

-When your in a store or hallway and someone is walking in front of you, and know they are in front of you but walking like they got shot in the leg and won't get out of your way or let you bye.

Sorry had to vent i will keep posting so keep checking it out!!!

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