Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Chase Isn't Worth the Prize

Ladies, Ladies...................What you do to us men, is not only unfair, but its pointless.
Yes women hold ALL the power when men are in the chasing and pursuit for a young ladies courtship. Seriously ladies though, just stop the games and antics. The things you guys do are truly pointless, just be real with us. If you like us, dont make us wait (in a non-sexual way). I dont know know about other guys but that whole Chase thing turns m e off. Yes make it a challenge but don't make it into a marathon or mission impossible. Fellas I don't know about you but I don't hunt for my food, its already at the store I just have to get it and cook it (Let me explain that metaphor because i just saw that frown on your faces).
What I mean is the stone age is over, although I feel things should be more like the past (basically men being men and gentlemen) There shouldn't be a need for the waiting game. Why do I have to play 21 questions with trying to find a mate, where each question is 1 week long. This isn't cavemen times,There is no need to go on a 2 week long journey to find food. Check us out, do your quick investigation and let us know the outcome.
Why does your mind games even have to happen?
Why is it neccessary to push buttons before you get with the guy?
I realize you all are trying to see if this person would be right for you, but somethings push us away, and you turn us into things that you didn't want us to be in the first place. Sometimes you take it way to far and as men we have to put our foot down, which is usually the answers or reactions you don't want to see with us. Which is also out of character for yourselves at times.

I've seen pictures you take with your girlfriends...wild and crazy, funny faces, etc.. Your not to different from men, so don't act high and mighty as if all men are immature, thus causing that to be the reason for the games.

I'm going to let you guys know about 2 situations where the chase got pointless for me so I stopped and the other 2 girls lost out (in my selfish opinion about how well of a suitor I make).

1st Situation:
A girl pushed and pushed, claiming she never has seen me mad. So she played little games and made up small lies about certain things that would usually have most guys either running for the hills or completely go berserk on someone. Well she got to me (which its hard to make me mad, but I wasn't boiling, but enough to irratate me, which is still rather rare for me.)
After I realized there was no gold at the end of the rainbow things started to change. She zig Zag'ed and looped around me so much during the chase that I got tired and just stopped and cut it off all together.

2nd Situation:
I chased this particular one for a long time. (Lets just say on and off for some years) There was always something that got in the way of us. (Think of going out fishing, catching a fish in the hook, but it keeps fighting and gets away.)
You keep catching it, but it never gets close enough for you to reel it in and put it in your boat. How many tries do you need before you just move on to other side of the ocean, and try to get a different fish in the sea.
Well thats what I did, I paddled out a little more, dropped a new lure and patiently waited at the other side of the sea.

The funny part is in both of my scenarios those 2 girls tried to come back after I was pretty much done chasing them. I moved on, but I guess its true what they say, "You don't know what you got til its gone."

Moral of the story is, its ok to play hard to get, but don't get carried away with it. You can only play monopoly for so long, before someone's money is almost gone or you just get tired of playing the game.

Be honest this applies to a VAST majority of the women in this world. Because a lot of you know you hold power to a lot of the guys that are chasing you.

But with the games you play, you could Truly be missing out on something great.
There is always a diamond in the rough, and you could be still kicking dirt over it.

Just think about it next time you put someone through a maze before you even give them a chance. They just not play along with you anymore.

That is not a question of if a guy can hang with you, or is right for you, its a question of are you right for him, Men don't deserve that alot of times.

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