Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You never know until you ask!!!

So unfortunately I obtained this very annoying habit from my mom, where I just ask random people questions just to see what they will say or what their answer is.

Its actually quite funny because my version of it is asking at stores that I go into, just to see If I can get discounts, or even free things.

I say I got this annoying habit from my mom because back in the day when I was a kid, and we would go to Mcdonalds before it closed (yes it was a long time ago when McD's actually closed at 10). Anyway we would intentionally go late at night so my mom could ask this one question. (sigh :( I can't believe im going to admit this).
"Can I just have the leftover food that didn't sell?"
Now we're not poor by any means, It was just a simple question to see if they would do it... (also get extra food for the next day without paying)
It worked about 95% of the time. Usually with food like Fish Filet and Chicken sandwiches (lol you know the healthy stuff before the subway kick), and Some extra Frys and apple Pies

Now I dont know why, but this didn't emerge from the depths of my sub-consciousness until about 2 years ago.

Now everywhere I go, I just have to ask simple little questions just to see the reaction or what people say.

My greatest success was 2 years ago, at Subway.
I asked for a discount because it was Tuesday and I was having a bad day. So he gave me 2 12inch subs for the price of 2 cookies.
Needless to say I went back every week when that guy worked and brought Subs for a dollar plus I gave him a tip.

Hey when I was in retail/fast food, all people had to do is ask me for something like this, and I would just respect that they actually asked and let them have it. (If I could)

Now wherever I go, I just ask..."How about just giving me a discount?"
Or "Can I have this? I mean come on no one is really going to come buy it"

My attempts on bigger items don't seem work as succesfully as food. But If I learned one thing from my mom (lol no offense mom but you haven't taught me much)
Its "You never know until you ask"

Now I dont think this makes me ghetto, or cheap, I certainly have the money to pay for things, but to be able to save and just to see how giving (or convinced) the human race can be, I just do it.

Plus hell, Celebrities make millions of dollars, but get 90% (10% of what they pay are things like Cars, houses and boats) of the products they wear or use for free.
Yet those same companies charge us (the people) 70 bucks for those jeans, or 20 dollars for that meal, or 1000 bucks for that watch.
I get the concept of celebrities generate business by them using their products.

I mean hell Prime example.. Jay Z wears that silly Beanie with the Brim hat (which I can't lie I was a slave to for 2 months.....its all I had for the cold I swear) Everyone wears those jay Z brim hats. Where didn't you see those hats is the real question.

Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritche wear Von Dutch trucker hats.
EVERYONE wears Von Dutch Trucker hats.

Paris has a little lapdog, every girl has to have a little lapdog.

So I understand the business side of things, but hell atleast make them pay something...Shipping and handling or something It makes no sense.

So my goal (Just thought about it today) is to try to get sponsored by any company to wear/eat their things and advertise! So I can get free stuff.
I'll just ask my random questions until I get something.

I already sort of completed this for my gym, I convinced the manager to give me free shirts, because I advertise for them by walking around every wear with "Gold's Gym" shirts and I got a free gym bag with "Gold's gym" on it because I asked (even though I had to give them 12 movies for their Cardio Cinema) but hell they wouldn't of done that for anyone else.

(Sorry this post wasn't suppose to be this long I swear lol It just kinda flows out)

Well I'm going to stop myself but everyone you get the point.

Ask and you shall receive!!! Or atleast you tried.

Its always better to ask for forgivness then ask for permission! (that had nothing to do with this post but I smell a new post brewin from that statement)

Tell me your stories on this if you guys try it. Or tell me if I'm crazy.


  1. Amazing Post! I on the other hand did grow up a little poor. My father worked as a carpenter my mother a house wife, and back then he made enough to pay all bills and feed us. And still have a little left over. I think My thing is that my mom useto say come on want to go shopping with me.. We will run to the car [my sis and i] excited to go shopping. Only to find out that we were going street by street on a sunday night... What For? Even though we had an amazing 3 bedroom house my dad got us and lived pretty ok.. my mom was a garbage junkie. Now garbage but things in perfect condition that people would throw away.. For instance.. a Night stand with all drawers, a microwave.. Anything.. Then whatever she liked she kept and what she didnt like she would keep for future Garage sales. All i can say is this lady knew what she was doing. Every 2 months or so everything that she had collected that worked she will sell and make Serious money on things that were never hers. [sorry so long] Just thought about my mom and what she useto do when we were younger after reading your post. :)

  2. Your mom was smart.
    I would honestly do the same thing she did If I could find the things! I love hand me downs
    not only because there free, but if you dont need them anymore just sell them or give them away.

    I haven't paid for a pair of shoes in almost 4 years because people give me shoes they can't wear.
    Plus i refuse to pay more than 50 bucks. and they have to be reallly nice

  3. Smart! Back then i useto be so Ashamed! The thing is she never got out the car unless it was a little heavy or what not. But she would be like... hey Ana, Go... Go Get it! I was like OMG mom NO... She will laugh and smile and say they're not looking. Go.. But i mean, she useto fix it up [whatever she kept] and it would always look brand new. I remember her picking up a night stand it looked a little beat up but all the parts were still in. Point is she painted it and gave it a little polish and i was like whoa. I today, do not go looking for things in the garbage but... if something is given to me i make it look New. jus like mom... There's no shame anymore thats for sure.