Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So Its been awhile! Part 2 4/8

Ok so in part 1 which was almost 3 weeks ago, I promised to start being on this more and posting more blogs.
Well as you can see I've been just as busy (but still writing in the journal).
Its def. been a crazy 3 weeks!
But there will be a slight change to this Blog for a few post.
I was posting half ass poems, or writings on my emotional feelings.
But now its goign to be more experiences that has happened to me or things that I'm doing. or things I want to happen, stuff I talk about with other people...
So I'm interested to see how this is goign to go considering there are some pretty racy topics but def fun to discuss.
Maybe I'll get more followers and contributors soon!

that second Job is really starting to piss me off. It is like the mecca of Micro-managing and really getting under my skin with this whole sales thing.

I knwo I shouldnt complain about a job in "these hard times" but if i can find something else immediately or if i find out I can do some type of summer teaching aide program I may just have to quit soon.

although this is covering for my money slips a.k.a. alcohol, unneccesary food and gas.
While the Main check handles the bills.

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