Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Kids may be Assholes

"Your Kids are goign to be 2x worst than you were"
Geezus! Help me if thats the case. Looking back from when I was a kid and looking at these kids now, you couldn't tell me shit and you damn sure can't tell these kids these days a got damn thing. atleast I was respectful for the most part & even if it took a few times to tell me or I gave lip I still did what people wanted me to do. Most of these kids (new generation which i'm sure will change by the time my kids are around the give lip age).
I pray my wife is more strict than I am. My boy(s) will be beat and taught to resepct everyone, be friends w/ everyone. My girl(s) will not be touched by me but still ahve the same values.

well from 09 me............
Good luck to future me. !!!

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