Friday, April 10, 2009

The Age where its either or!

This is through the daily discussions I have with friends about there relationship problems.

For young men such as myself in the tender age of 23-26. we have 2 choices when it comes to relationships. Strictly fucking or a long relationship that will carry over tot he age of 27+ where then we would decide if that is the woman that we want to marry or not. Now that may seem like the only two choices, but the marriage one after 27_ is all men (most men) think of thus making it a separate 3rd choice.

Now for women this age of 23-26 puts them in a quite different perdicument. Most women mainly want all those options (3). Mainly possibly option 3, because option 1 may require goign down in age..but option 2 keeps them at the same age which it seems like women are never fond of either. But option 3 comes at a price. Do they really want to get married at that age? or even be with a guy that is a much older especially since every generation varies in alot of people's personalities. Whose to say when im 30 & I want to be with a 23 year old woman that her mind set, style, personality wont be compeltely more unique to my own (or atleast what I'm use to) .

I some what feel bad for these girls at this age who are single. I'm sure they've already been thru option 1 & 2 Phase and probably really weary of Option 3 cuz they need more time. Men on the other hand have it a tad bit easier at this stage.
We'll I just started that stage so lets where I end up. Although where would that classify girls prior to this age that I dated? probably potential Option 2's and 3's.

Maybe I was just a different case?

but now I completely feel Option 1 more...although I want Option 2 I still have way too much to acomplish before i get into another relationship

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