Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is my perception of Friends Backwards?

So even though I feel as if I have an abundance of friends, I really don't use any of them for advice or help in a tight situation. I mean there are a few I know I can count on and go to usually Tina and Robyn, who are like sisters to me and I love whole heartedly. (with no offense to any other person I call my brother or sisters, or even best/good friends). Its just those 2 are different, I can unload and completely bitch about my life to them, and they will tell me straight to shut the fuck up get over it and give good advice.
I very very rarely just tell others any of the stuff I go through, maybe some other people sprinkles of information but not 100% details.
I'd completely rather have random people's advice, I feel as if their more reliable as far as un-bias opinions since they don't know you at all or as well.
I think this is weird for the simple fact I'm the one, any and everyone can come to for advice.
I will help anytime someone needs me.
I also know that any if not all my friends will do the same for me, (and as bad as this is going to sound, I dont mean it with bad intentions) I don't need them to help me. I've always been a loner when it comes to that and sometimes it gets to me, but now that I write (in a journal and blog) more I'm fine.
i don't get nearly as stressed as I use to, where the hell has this been since i was like 5 (pretty much since I could write).

Just thought I would share.


Just wanted to see if this would bunp it up a tad?

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