Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The intentions of me even Blogging

So at Random unimportant times in my life, (and I say unimportant because usually shitty shit is happening) I tend to write in a notebook/journal.

There usually just Random Thoughts, Poems, Songs, or just cursing in on paper because i wanna yell while im at that specific place.

So i figured no one sees these entries i put in, and majority of the time id rather not have anyone see them anyway (atleast the people I know).

So I thought to myself one day :::Tony::: why not just have random people read some of these things and have a tad bit of feedback for some of the things (since I actually think there are some of my writings that are actually decent enough to atleast be critiqued).

I've had a Blog before but it was for a class that i never used.
I'm not grammatically correct, 80% of the time, so if there are comments, this is fair warning i dont, so it should be expected...

If anyone does happen to come across these collections of confused misinterpretations welcome and thanks for giving me the time!


Haven't quite figured out how ima sign these blogs yet...may be one of those i may just get lazy

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