Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Its been to long! OCT update!!!

I know i know, I said i would have endless blog post not that im working again, and I have like maybe 3 in the past month.
But I promise there coming.

I'm back on facebook, I know I know sue me, I thought I never would go back, but I love my friends.
(I will still never do Twitter)

The blogs are coming...Hello to my new follower
I swear im not a boring pers, just have been busy.

I need a part time job (along with my current job) I'm not stressin for cash, but a little extra will be nice. so I can get out of the united states. and pursue my dream.

well keep up


  1. It happens. =]
    We still respect ya! =P

  2. ha thanks brotha, i have a alot of blogs in the draft list just none of them cmpleted. so side tracked from work. and gym. and still working on my other blog