Monday, October 26, 2009


So today is my birthday and this weekend, was great.

I didn't do anything ground shaking (im still on a diet see

But Saturday I went out with my trainer, had some wings steak and a mini pie.

But Sunday I went out with my family Mom Dad and Brother and we ate at RED Robyn!!!!

I pigged out (see my fitness blog for details)

and Honestly I couldn't of asked for a better Present!!!

We aregue and fight alot, but I love every one of them!!! It was a blessing to get all 4 of us at one table to eat and joke and yell at each other!!!

It was just like Old times again!

Very Nostalgic to have that, and I look forward to this being the beginning of a new life for me now that im 24!

I was scared of this age to say at first because I always felt like 24 was when ur considered Old.

But I feel like my life may just now start to begin!

Well Thanks to the followers I have for sticking with me, and keep looking for more of my blogs because I have alot coming soon!

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