Friday, January 1, 2010

WELCOME 2010!!!! Feelings and Plans

So let me start by saying 2009 was a dreadful year for me,

I spent most of my days in pitty, agony, and sorrow, along with being anti-social and cutting off alot of people.

Now you know how People say I'm going to make a change in the next year...blah blah blah..

well this New Year, I actually feel it, in my soul.

I've went through an incredible amount of changes in 2009 that really just shaped me to be a better and more suited for 2010

As for my followers I need you guys to look out for these things

1. I have a series of Blogs im creating with my sister about maybe some ground rules, of what people should do when it comes to the opposite sex.. From a Male and female perspective (mine and my sisters)

2. I decided to write a Screenplay/movie/indie film (whatever you wanna call it)
So ofcourse I will post that or maybe have an excerpt of the script on here.

3. JAPAN JAPAN JAPAN. I feel as if This is my year to finally go. and when I do there will be plenty of blog topics coming from that.

4. Also my new workout blog will be coming up when I start to cut weight again so Watch out for that..

I wanna thank my followers now and whoever else may start to Follow later Thank you!

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  1. Best of luck to you in the new year and blogging!