Friday, January 15, 2010

Tony vs. Anthony!!! The battle for Superiority!

So after careful consideration and a hellishly draining entire 2009...
I have decided to bring back Asshole Anthony!!!
He was there in 2008 and definitely took over the situations that needed a real bold and strong person to take over.
All you really have to do is go through all of 2009's blogs to realize life was hard and really bearing down on me.
In 2008 I had my shit together!
Good Job Situation, women, went out and pretty much controlled my life. I wasn't the normal Passive person I usually am. I was Active, Aggressive a Go Getter!
Asshole Anthony settled down after he did his magic for me and put me in a good situation (at the time), but things slipped and went down hill...
Asshole Anthony was lost in the abyss all off 2009, He's been scratching, crawling, climbing, running, and feening to get back out to the surface!!!
And He's made it!

As Tony, I don't want to completely emerge myself in Asshole Anthony again, he cut alot of people off without thinking twice. He was insensitive, and he just didn't care. But even I know He was good for me in ALOT of situations that I needed him in.

The question is can I keep my Yin and Yang? Can I keep Asshole Anthony ONLY for the situations that I may need him in, or will he completely take over again?
I need him as much as he needs me...But right now I need him more, and he is the type of person if you give him an Inch he will take a mile!

Here he is:::Asshole Anthony

So this Punk ass Tony needs me here, How could he let himself go an entire year (09)Being a punk bitch. Loathing everyday, sitting around, mad, depressed, and sad.
Does he not realize thats what made it harder for me to come out and take charge, It was like the itsy bitsy spider, the more sad he was the more I got rained down that stupid ass drain he calls life.
Even though I'm only halfway up, I will make sure shit goes right..
I'm also plotting to get all the way out again, and show him to fully Live his life...
We're not getting any fuckin younger, so things aren't getting any easier for us!
I'm going to show him how to live again while he still has time!

You may think its Crazy, but trust me You haven't seen anything yet!!

Stay tuned Things should get really interesting if I have anything to do with it

Anthony Out bitches!


  1. hey I wanted to say thanks for all the support you give, your comments are a big welcome and defintely give a great insight into things, its nice hearing it.

    I just wanted to say that, and also, you have two blog sites but dont use the other much? how come? i go through phases and will stop writing for weeks, or months then do it twice a day.. funny how that is.

  2. Sorry didn't see this comment until today.
    The other blog was for my weight progress while i was training to be in a competition.

    Thanks for the comment.
    and yea I always have ideas, they just never make it to the blog, but they usually get into my journal at the very least.

  3. lol Oh God I just re-read this post, I have issues, lol sorry the blog you saw was this.

    but you would reall y have to look through the other blogs to truly get this one