Thursday, December 9, 2010

DEC update... Some good Some bad.

Geez, I'm sorry my minimal followers, I don't forget about the blog, its just I don't have time or just way to lazy to do it.
And once again I don't want to make this a "My life in Korea" type blog, so I try to steer away from updating it every few days with random facts about Korea. Although I dont mind telling you things that happen, but my days are pretty normal, and weekends are a bit out of control (which I will get into).

So where do I start?

The last update was around November, but Let me go back to October and things that happen in the States.
I missed Halloween, which I don't celebrate anyway, but I do go out and drink with the crowd (in my normal everyday clothes). Its hard seeing all these picture of people who went out and had a good time, and I'm in Korea and at a random bar that has no themes, just drinking.
I guess its not all bad but Halloween is 5 days after my birthday so I'm use to people bunching the 2 together.

My best friends Grandma died, who also treated me like a grandson.. I was extremely sad about that and with the combination of not being home to help him through it all hurt alot. it was still my 1st week of classes and I was hating teaching Elementary school All that built up and I honestly Shut down. When I say shut down, I came home that day at 5:15 pm, layed on my bed and slept til Midnight. (its not me, I hate sleeping in the day time, and don't take naps)

Thanksgiving... all I can really do is put a Sad face on this :(
I was extremely hurt finding out there are no turkeys here.
My family didn't make it easier since EVERYONE happened to be in town (back home) and it was a huge Thanksgiving dinner without me. I called and talked to everyone (mostly drunk people) and I missed home

Talking to anyone from back home makes it hard on me everytime.
I love it here in Korea I do, but I miss my friends and family. Its strange I guess I didn't appreciate them as much when I was home.

Those 3 events alone Has made me miss home and I debated, leaving for a weekend and going, but the money it cost to do that and the actual flight and days I would of even got off wouldn't of been worth it.

On more positive notes.

I've finally got accumulated to schools im at, and kind of like these little buggers.
I hate my 3rd grade but i only see them 2 days and I have kids in those classes I do like.
My 4th graders are really smart and fun to be around
My 1st graders are the smartest 6 year olds I know.
My 2nd graders try hard and their polite
My Kindergartens are cute, and really just enjoy being in your presence.

I actually like spicy food now. I think I said in another post, I tried to avoid Kimchi like the plague, but now I eat it like it is the cure to the plague.
My body and mouth just got use to it.

I joined a gym and got my protein, so my diet has improved and finally my body can be in shape.

I have visited a few places. I have yet to do anything Culturally though
On the Weekends I just get extremely blacked out Drunk (which I didn't do at home like this) But its been pretty bad.

I have to admit I feel like my maturity level has gone down alot. (although its not like I was mister responsible at home)
My OCD has went up though I feel like my apt is always dirty (when in fact I have the cleanest, ***shhh don't tell the people I live near that***

I feel like I had more to say but my mind is drawing blank right now.
but until then I guess I'm off


I finished my 30 days of Truth (a month ago) but I will start releasing Starting Tuesday the 14 Thanks for being patient


  1. Dude, don't feel about about making a my life in Korea blog...I would totallllly read that!

  2. Thank you, I will try to add a picture of Korea every time then if I can. I love it here