Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yes Man!!!

So this is one of the best Jim Carrey movies he has made.
The premise of the movie is that he goes to a seminar to encourage not being a negative nancy and disapointing his friends and everyone by saying no all the time.
So he (what he think to be a type of voodoo) is programmed to say Yes to every Request and and everything asked of him. (if he said no he believed something bad would happen to him.)
This pretty much makes him more spontaneous and all around a much better person than what he use to be.

I have come to terms, I'm the same way he was (before the seminar) where people don't even ask me anymore because its pretty much guaranteed im going to make an excuse or just say no.

Well Starting April 1st I have decided to be a Yes Man.
I will try it out for a week and if it works for me. I will finish it up for the rest of the month.

I think the hardest thing for me is that i'm a stubborn person so I pray I don't get any stupid request or anything that usually makes me say no.

I really want to have the strength to do this. I tried it for like a day once, and the kids I work with pissed me off so much lol lets just say i stopped halfway through.
We'll I'll be on spring break the first week so lets see how this works out

wish me luck!!!!

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  1. It didn't go well at all, alot of request were just out of my hands, maybe i'll try again.