Monday, August 16, 2010

3 months with no update??? Let me change that!

I can't say this has been the best 3 months for me...
Lets start with going overseas to teach.
Well I got into EPIK, which is teaching in Korea, problem is I got in all my visa requirements to late (story of my life). So I am no longer going during the original August date I was suppose to leave (technically today)
Now I am pushing for a March Date (unless I get this job) which to where I will have to push for next august. Either way I feel disappointed that I'm not overseas fulfilling my dreams.
Maybe it just wasn't meant to be for the moment.

Well with that it makes it more difficult on me job wise because I was substitute teaching and I stopped working in June, so I have been 2 months without a job. School Starts next week but Substituting is not what I want to do, but I have to do something for money. Stripping isn't exactly in my future for right now.

It also doesn't help that I have been frivolously spending money at bars, on food I dont need. I'm usually really tight on money but I have been in a I just want to have fun attitude lately.

This attitude brings me in to the Love life. Which has been (and technically still is) Non existant for the past 2 years.

I do have a lady I am really interested in (I will do a separate blog about this situation) but I because of my job situation and this fun attitude, I don't think I can be in a relationship at the moment. I know for a fact that the superficial stuff doesn't mean anything to her, but it means alot to me.
I may of mentioned this in a blog or two, but I am a very old fashioned guy and I have to be the provider a.k.a The Man! of a relationship.
and it Honestly just hurts.

There are other girls who I would like to get to know better, but i feel hindered 1. because of my financial situation. but 2. because I really like the young lady mentioned above.

I feel like a typical guy in the situation to where I want my cake and eat it too.
What makes it worst is that I'm not that type of guy so that sucks.

Once again I'll get more into that in another blog.

Other than that I mean life has been pretty normal for me, I stay in about 6 days a week, go out once a week and just kinda roll with the punches.

I have been a little Stressed with everything, but I just kinda sit back and pray things will work the way their suppose to work, no matter what that should be.

I wish i could think of more to give you guys as an update, but I really don't so for now i'll just relax....
(edit if i need to)

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